Save Money On Your Weekly Food Bill

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

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Want to save money on your next food bill?   With food prices going up, we have created the following guide to keep your budget on track.   Included are links to some great sites which offer information on where to access local produce, shopping seasonally, plus some cheap meal ideas.


Think Hunter Gatherer

Now we're not suggesting that you go caveman, but there's a new trend that's definitely worth taking notice of.  Urban foraging has been growing in popularity for some years now.  Put simply, it involves gathering fresh food in an urban environment, such as fruit, berries, nuts, herbs etc.  For an overview of foraging sites throughout New Zealand,  the following map is available on the garden geek website.




Community gardens are found in various urban centres and are worth having a look at.  They are run by volunteers and provide fresh produce, as well as a sense of community and connection to nature.  A minimum standard of work is required before a gardener can harvest produce from a community garden.  In most cases, this amounts to one hour a week, but this can vary from garden to garden.  For more information check out the grow together website.

Eat Seasonally

In our modern world,  a wide selection of fruit and vegetables is available in supermarkets all year round.  But what you may not know, is only a fraction of that produce may be currently in season. Not only is eating seasonally cost effective, it also tastes better and provides higher levels of vitamins and minerals.

The following chart, can be printed, attached to your fridge, so you will always have a handy reminder of what's in season.

Consider Meat Free Meals

As New Zealanders, we are a nation of meat eaters, but this also comes with a price. Did you know that our appetite for meat and dairy is taking a huge toll on our land, climate, health and ultimately, our wallets.  Vegetarian options are very cheap and can be just as nourishing. Try the following for quick and easy meals: omelette, pizza, curries, nachos, quiche, souffle etc.

For more excellent meal ideas, visit the feeding our families site.


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