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Increasing Your Income

If you can use any of the following ideas to increase your income, you may not need to get budgeting advice.

If you are working, you may not be paying the correct rate of PAYE tax and could claim a refund. Check this out with the Inland Revenue Department or a community budgeting service. Do not pay for the services of a company which advertises that it will try to get a tax refund for you.

Some people who receive Welfare Benefits do not get everything they are entitled to. Check this out with Work and Income or a community budgeting service. www.workandincome.govt.nz

Many people waste time and money getting a qualification that does not help them get a job or increase their income. Before signing up for an education course and taking on a student loan, ask potential employers if there is any demand for workers with the qualification you are intending to get.

Your employer may be paying you as little as possible and there could be other employers who would be willing to pay you more. Keep a watch out for jobs that could suit you better and could pay more. Your current employer may be willing to match or better any job offer you receive.

Joining a Trade Union www.union.org.nz can help you get improved wages and working conditions. You can also find out whether you are being paid the same amount as others who have similar qualifications and experience. If you have any problems at work or are made redundant, then advice and support can be provided.

Do not waste money on seminars and schemes that offer to help you make money. If the promoters knew how to make a lot of money, they would not be telling other people about this.

When buying a business, check the claims being made and seek advice from the owner of a similar business in another part of the country. Get advice from a Chartered Accountant on the value of the business and get legal advice before you sign up.


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