Home Security On A Budget

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

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If you're planning a holiday, you're going to want to ensure that your home and property are secure. In the following guide, we've got everything covered to keep you safe.

On Holiday

Consider joining Neighbourly. This is a free service which allows you to connect with other neighbours using a private website.  Members are able to interact online on topics such as local events, services, crime and safety etc. The crime prevention service allows neighbours to keep informed of suspicious activity within the community.  Since being launched in 2014, Neighbourly has grown to more than 125,000 households across 1700 neighbours across New Zealand.


Before you depart on your annual break, give your contact details and trip itinerary to a neighbour you trust. If anything happens to your property, they can get in touch with you and keep you informed of developments.  Make sure to cancel your mail and newspaper so you don't advertise your absence to potential thieves.

To give your home a lived-in appearance, set up lamps and timers in rooms facing the street. These can be programmed to activate at night and are available from Mitre 10 for around $4-$8. Second-hand lamps can be obtained from Trade Me from $5.

Year-round Security

Installing security lighting is probably the easiest, cost-effective way to deter burglars.  Cheap lighting is available from Bunnings and Mitre 10, starting at around $20.  Make sure  you illuminate the doorways and pathways to your house.

To help prevent break-ins, make sure to attach stays to windows that are most likely to be targeted by intruders.  These can be purchased from Trade Me, starting at $15 or from Bunnings and Mitre 10 for around $20.

padlocks-597815_640Deadbolts are very important for entrance doors. These are available from hardware stores from around $30. Also, make sure your door is a solid wood or metal construction with a good frame.

If you have a dog, this can be a great deterrent to would-be thieves.  The other alternative is to post a "Beware of the Dog" sign in a prominent place or place a dog bowl by the back door step.


When it comes to home security, you can't beat an alarm for providing peace of mind.

If you're wanting a low-cost solution to an alarm, then a glass-break detector may be the answer.  This sensor protects windows by detecting vibration and emits a 100db alarm to alert you of a potential invasion. The Doberman Security SE-0106 Ultra Slim Window Alert is a great choice and is available for $22 from Bunnings. Or consider the Arlec Window Security Alarm at $16.

The most basic alarm relies on breaking a circuit, usually connected to a door or window.  Doberman’s Entry Defense is priced at $21 to protect rooms and doorways in your home.

The best option, is to install a motion sensor alarm.  A good choice is the Doberman Security Motion Detector Alarm, which retails for $43. This can be mounted on a wall or ceiling in any room that requires protection.  The alarm protects an area 60 degrees vertically, 60 degrees horizontally and 15 feet out from the unit.






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