Have high lawyer charges ended up preventing you from getting justice when a dispute or a problem needed to be resolved?

High legal costs can be a barrier to getting justice. Have you been in the position where you could not afford to seek justice? Or perhaps you ran out of money while pursuing justice, and as a result had to accept an unsatisfactory settlement. 

As a group of New Zealand university researchers, we invite you to help bring about changes by sharing with us your experiences.

Share your experience, to influence change

There are 8 yes/no questions, but we are very interested in hearing detail about your experience in the open text field. Thank you in advance for sharing your story.

Please note that any information you provide will be kept confidential, stored on a secure server, and any identification data will be deleted at the conclusion of the project. Whilst some examples may be used in our final report, no individuals will be identified. Our project relates to local experiences within the New Zealand legal system.

  • If any of the above have happened to you, or if you have had other difficulties trying to afford to resolve a dispute or problem and you would like to prevent this happening again to you and others, please provide further details of your experiences by writing confidentially and anonymously in the space below. We have made this field a generous size. If you are happy to share your contact details, please include your name and email address. These will not be published.
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